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In the early 1970s, we began taking Muskokans on bus tours in partnership with our founding company, Hammond Transportation. Day trips to places like the Canadian National Exhibition and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair grew into multi-day trips across Canada and eventually, international travel opportunities for people of all ages. Fifty years later, we continue to offer people interesting day trips in Ontario, adventurous tours from the west to east coast of Canada and bucket list destinations around the world, from Iceland to Africa to The Galapagos Islands.

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Get out for the day or spend a week (or more) discovering Canada’s bounty.

We offer organized local day trips across Ontario and multi-day trips to the east and west coast of Canada. Our trips allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape and visit historic monuments without worrying about minutiae of travel planning.

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Pull out your bucket list and uncap your pen. We travel to spectacular destinations around the globe.

From African Safaris to Peruvian Treks, we are proud to present Muskokans with once-in-a-lifetime international travel opportunities. Share the adventure with a group of like-minded people, with the ease of knowing your travel, accommodations and dining are covered.

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Help us plan our future trips! Choose your favourite local and international destinations.